Missing It All

I’ve been feeling nostalgic as of late. I miss making tags, tagging forums and my old PSP friends on Facebook. I don’t mean the kind of “miss” that makes you feel like you HAVE to jump back into it and go spending hours hunting down your old friends. For me right now it’s more or less I’m on the verge of playing in PSP randomly and feeling like although my PSP time is limited that I’m considering hunting down some of my old friends and just create when time allows. I wont be doing CT’s unless it’s just one (but no tutorials). But I’m really not sure yet. I’ve got some thinking to do and maybe tomorrow I’ll see how I really feel.

I was doing PSP tutorials for tagging as well as creating things for digital scrapbooking. I admit that I miss even the digi scrap stuff but not enough to ever go back. I had started it as just something to go with creative therapy but it started becoming more of a job and I lost the love and drive for it. Even now or in the future it wouldn’t be a hobby, it would turn to work again so I’m not even going to start it back up regardless of what anyone else suggests. No I think tagging when I’m feeling it and maybe one forum… I’m thinking Creative Misfits.

The weather is outrageous. We’ve had a bit of a warm spell the past two weeks and I’m thinking a cold snap is going to hit any day now. I’m kind of looking forward to it. That means a lot of people will be going to get Cold Weather Exception at Economic Services so the Winter Emergency Shelter I’m staying in will be at bare minimum and quiet as a church. I have to giggle at that statement because the shelter is at a church! I’ll explain it all in future posts. I don’t want to delve into it too often or too much detail, as that’s not what I want this blog to be about.

So I’m left going batty over PSP, I stuffed my face with a grinder from Subway and I’m watching ID Channel (I’m at my mom’s). So I think I’ll go perusing Facebook and see if I can’t find some old friends and depending on who I find I just might be thinking about jumping into PSP before tomorrow. I hope you have a great day!



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